Sumba Island located in East Nusa Tenggara has become a favorite destination nowadays. Not only for the beauty of its greenish hills landscape and its grand savanna but also the the coasts and waterfalls which are very wonderful and still untouched. Even the motif richness of “Tenun Ikat” from Sumba has been internationally recognized. Come on! Let’s explore exoticism of Sumba Island with @T_OurJourneys !



DAY 1 (L, D)

- Tambolaka airport (TMC) will be our meeting point. You will be picked up in the airport and we will have lunch from there.

- Our trip is started by visiting Ratenggaro Village, a traditional Sumba Village which till keeps the cemetery from the megalithic age.

- We will then visit Watu Malandong Beach. You can do any activities in this beach.

We will be having our sunset experience in Mbawanna Beach. The trip in the first day will be closed by checking in to the Tambolaka Hotel and we will stay for a night here.

DAY 2 (B, L, D)

- Waikuri Lake will be our first stop in our second day. We will have breakfast first before visiting this lake. Waikuri is the perfect spot for swimming since the visibility in this lake is very clear.

- Then, we continue our trip by visiting Lapopu Waterfall. Besides swimming and enjoying the scenery near the waterfall, we will also have lunch here. A lunch that is accompanied by the sound of nature from your surroundings.

- After Lapopu Waterfall, the next stop will be Warinding hill which is located in the east part of Sumba. For the second night, we will stay at Waingapu Hotel.

DAY 3 (B, L, D)

- We will start our third day by having a breakfast in Waingapu Hotel and  after that we will visit Tarimbang Beach.

- Our next stop in the third day is Lailara Hill. The hill in Lailara has a unique contour. This is one of the best spots for capturing your moment through the pictures.

- We will go back to Waingapu and visit Puru Kambera. You will have free time here. If you are lucky, you will meet directly with the Sumba horses.

- The trip in the fourth day will be closed by visiting Walaikiri Beach to witness the sunset. Walikiri is famous by its line of dancing trees.

DAY 4 (B, L, D)

- We will start our journey in the last day by visiting Kaliuda Village to see the process of making of Sumba Woven Fabric (Kain tenun ikat Sumba). You can also buy some souvenirs in this place.

- We will visit one of the hills in Waingapu city before going back to Waingapu Airport. This hill is known with name Bukit Persaudaraan (Brotherhood Hill).

- We will accompany you until Waingapu Airport and our Sumba Trip ends here.

*Itinerary is tentative. There might be some changes due to the nature and weather condition

PACKAGE PRICE : 2.990.000 rupiahs / pax

(foreigners will be charged an additional fee :  300.000 rupiahs) 

For the registration, please send your scanned copy of id card and family contact number which is available along with the downpayment receipt to BCA bank account 428 1861 128 on behalf of Rizal Agustin.

MEETING POINT: Tambolaka Airport, Waitabula, Southwest Sumba (TMC)

END POINT: Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport, Waingapu, East Sumba (WGP)


- Panther Touring/Innova car as land transportation

- Standard room at Tambolaka Hotel, Southwest Sumba (one night, AC + indoor bathroom)

- Standard room in Waingapu, East Sumba (two nights, AC + indoor bathroom)

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner



- Transportation fee to the meeting point and transportation to your hometown.

- Personal Expense

- Laundry, and other things that are nor mentioned above

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