When we talk about Flores, Kelimutu Lake with its three different colours, which is one of the icons of Flores, must come to your mind. In our trip, we are not only going to explore the beauty of several destinations from its surroundings, but we also invite you to see another beauty of Flores from its cultural side. And the addition of Sailing Komodo after our journey in the land of Flores in this trip is like a fresh cup of cold lemon drink in the desert.


H Hasan Aboeroesman Airport become our meeting point. All the participants will be picked up in the airport.

After all the participants have arrived, we are going to have dinner and after we go to the hotel in Moni.


All the participants are expected to wake up early since we are going to see the sunrise in Kelimutu Lake.

From Kelimutu, we are going back to the hotel and continue our trip to Denge Village or Ruteng. We are going to visit Bena Cultural Village before arriving at Ruteng.

In the second day, we are going to sleep in the Denge Village or Ruteng.


Wae rebo village will be our destination in the third day. We are going to go there by trekking. It takes three until four hours to arrive at the village. We are going to spend our third day in this village. Participants could interact with the local citizen of the village and we are going to stay at the Mbaru Niang, a cultural house of the village, for a night.


We are going to go back to Denge Village and prepare for our departure to Labuan Bajo. We are going to stay at the hotel in Labuan Bajo and tomorrow the Sailing Komodo trip will begin.


The Sailing Komodo trip begins in the morning by visiting the Kelor Island. Participants can do snorkeling in the area near the island or do trekking to the top of the hill in Kelor Island.

The trip is continued by visiting Rinca Island and Loh Buaya Island where these two islands are the natural habitat of Komodo. Participants can meet directly with these rare creatures in these two islands.

The fifth day is closed by visiting Padar Island where we can go to top of the hill in Padar to witness the scenery and sunset in Komodo Island. The boat will anchor in the island for a night.


Witnessing the sunrise from the top of the hill in Gili Lawa will mark our first activity in the sixth day.

We are going to go to Pink Beach which has been famously known by its beautiful scenery and the colour of its sands. After Pink Baech, Taka Makassar will be our next destination where participants can do snorkeling in this area.

We are going to go back to Padar Island where we can see the sunset for one more time in from this island.


Witnessing the sunrise from Gili Lawa for the last time before leaving the island marks our activity in the first day

Next stop is Manta Point. Participants can do snorkeling in this area and if you are lucky you can meet Manta Ray while you swim.

The trip is continued by visiting Kanawa island where participants can take rest or do snorkeling again in the area near island. This is the last stop before we go back to Labuan Bajo.

We go back to Labuan Bajo and all the participants will be accompanied to the Komodo Airport. Our trip ends here.


5.200.000 IDR / pax

(foreigners will be charged an additional fee :  300.000 rupiahs) 

For the registration, please send your scanned copy of id card and family contact number which is available along with the downpayment receipt to BCA bank account 428 1861 128on behalf of Rizal Agustin.

MEETING POINT: Bandara H. Hasan Aboeroesman, Ende (ENE)

END POINT:Bandara Komodo, Labuan Bajo (LBJ)


Hotel in Ruteng and Moni

Fee for staying and trekking at Wae Rebo

Two nights Living on Board (Staying on the boat)

Hotel AC in Labuan Bajo

All the transportation during the trip

Meals during the trip which will be served three times a day

Entrance tickets

Local Guide


Snorkeling equipment



Transportation fee to the meeting point and transportation to your hometown.

Personal expense

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  • Overland
  • Sightseeing
  • Adventure
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  • Beach

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